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Schedule of Operation

Outbound Freight
Train No. Designation Direction/Consist Notes
10 PL-CNJEastbound to Jersey City via CNJ Mail, REA, LCL
12 PL-RDG Southwest to Philadelphia via Reading Pool Power
14 PL-EL Westbound to Chicago via Scranton Return PFE cars
16 PL-PI Westbound to Pittsburgh via HD&O Pool Power
18 PL-DH Northbound to Canada via L&HR/EL Pool Power
20 PL-LV Transfer run to LV at South Plainfield

Inbound Freight
Train No. Designation Direction/Consist Notes
11 JC-PLFrom Jersey City via CNJ Mail, Express
13 RDG-PL From Philadelphia via Reading
15 EL-PL From Chicago via EL
17 PI-PL From Pittsburgh via HD&O
19 DH-PL From Canada via D&H
21 SPL-PL Transfer run from LV

Local Freight
Train No. Description Notes
30 Sparta/Mt. HopePeddler May run in sections
40 Plainfield Local
50 Wharton/Dover Turn
60 South Plainfield Local
70 Cedar Knolls-Denville Local May run in sections

Train No. Description Train No. Description
100 Plainfield-Denville 200 Sparta-Plainfield
101 Denville-Plainfield 201 Plainfield-Sparta



























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